If reading softens one up, writing does the reverse. To write you have to be tough, do you not? - An Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
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  • Late night

    Come home

    Work sucks

    I know

    She left me roses

    by the stairs

    Surprises let me know she cares

    Charles Bukowski  (via lonelyapron)    
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  • mjlupo:

    Ex Hex * Beast

    Ex Hex keeps it simple and it sounds so good. Ex Hex is my artist of the weekend.

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  • drivearoundthistown:

    people who actually use the word bisexual

    Anna Paquin x o

    Joe Lycett x o 

    Alan Cumming x

    Carrie Brownstein x

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  • Happy Halloween from betterbooktitles

    Happy Halloween from betterbooktitles

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  • allsummerinaday:


ink + watercolour 14/05/’14

Mmm drivearoundthistown



    ink + watercolour 14/05/’14

    Mmm drivearoundthistown
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  • #regram of Emma Watson being a real life Hermione Granger with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon #HeForShe

    #regram of Emma Watson being a real life Hermione Granger with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon #HeForShe

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  • He’s into conspiracy
    He’s into theophany
    He’s into phenomenology
    He’s into deeds
    He don’t mix his words
    listen to Bloc Party, grow your vocabulary.     
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  • Jon Stewart: 'Women have to be careful and not drink at these parties so they don't make themselves vulnerable to these types of sexual assault.' But nobody says, hey, maybe men should not drink because that might make them... it's mind boggling. It's all about women must dress differently. Women must walk differently. Women must drink differently. Why are we not able to hold men to account for this behavior? It is this idea of 'Dudes will be dudes!'
    Senator Gillibrand: It is the decision makers. The NFL clearly got this wrong. In the military the commanders want to stay in charge even though there were 26,000 rapes, sexual assaults, and unwanted sexual contact last year alone and only 3,000 were reported. And all the survivors, over and over and over, they keep saying 'we don't trust the chain of command, we don't believe justice is possible.' On college campuses you see the same thing: victim blaming, no justice, not dealing with these cases appropriately. Women's voices need to be heard.
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  • One of the biggest and earliest wins for fandom can be credited to a single shrewd nerd girl. In 1968, Trek superfan Betty Jo “Bjo” Trimble learned that NBC was planning on canceling the new show Star Trek, which wasn’t doing as well as expected after two seasons (at the time, shows that didn’t make it to three seasons didn’t get reruns and tended to fall through the cracks of TV history). Together with her husband, John, she organized a massive grassroots letter-writing campaign that rallied fans across the country to demand the show be saved. Obviously, the crusade worked, and thanks to third-season syndication, Trek has become one of the longest-running and most lucrative — not to mention one of the most socially progressive — franchises ever.
    "The Most Feminist Moments in Sci-fi History" from The Cut    
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